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What do all the best golfers in the world have in common?

They all have added a golf-specific training program into their fitness routine. It’s been proven that developing greater strength, flexibility, balance, and speed & power will help you play better golf and shoot lower scores. Golfers need an effective fitness program to enhance and maintain their physical ability to play the game.

Most golfers now understand that better health and fitness can improve their game on and off the course.  Tour players have an optimal balance of strength, flexibility, balance, and power which enables them to generate amazing speed and unparalleled accuracy and consistency in their golf swing.

Whether you are looking for a more consistent swing, to hit the ball farther, or to play injury free, a proper golf fitness program can help you accomplish these goals. Golf Fitness Systems will make you a better golfer, and will also give you more energy and make you overall healthier and more fit so you can better enjoy life.

The most important piece of golf equipment you own is your body. Invest in you and get the results you want!

  • More accuracy
  • Increased distance
  • More strength and endurance
  • More efficient golf swing
  • Decreased pain after your round

Having worked with hundreds of golfers over the past 12 years and getting phenomenal results, Golf Fitness Systems was created and developed for all levels of golfers who want to improve their game—from the Tour Professional to the amateur golfer. Our goals are to improve the overall fitness for every golfer we work with.  We’ve helped hundreds of golfers of all levels and abilities improve their game.   Whether you are a professional golfer or aspiring professional, junior, or amateur adult golfer- we identify and address the areas of physical need required to give you the best results possible. We utilize a comprehensive fitness evaluation and golf fitness screening and assessment, then design a golf-specific fitness program to meet your personal needs and address your specific deficiencies.

We work with you to improve your body’s efficiency, strength, power, and balance to maximize your results on the course while reducing your risk of injury. Whether you are new to golf or are a long time golfer, Golf Fitness Systems provides a safe and highly effective way for you to stay fit, have fun and enjoy the game, and lower your scores…. Guaranteed!

“It’s great having Clint here in Tulsa where I live to train me when I’m in town during the PGA season and through the off-season. He definitely knows his stuff and has helped me and my game tremendously in many areas. I’ve now had my best 4 seasons on Tour after committing to my golf-specific training program with Clint.”

Bo Van Pelt, former Oklahoma State college golfer, current PGA Tour Pro

“Clint your golf fitness program has helped me tremendously- from when we first started working together when I was in the 7th grade at Jenks until now, living out my dream playing college golf for Oklahoma State University. Your program has helped improve my golf game in many ways, including major increase in my driving distance, so much stronger, more flexible, faster, better balance and posture, which all play a huge part in my golf swing. You’ve helped me take my game to a whole new level of competition and helped me win so many big events and tournaments over these past several years! Thanks again for helping me get to a whole new level of golf. I really appreciate it and look forward to continuing working with you as I keep working to take my game to the professional level!”

Brendon Jelley, Elite junior golfer, current Oklahoma State college golfer

“Thank you Clint for all the hard work you put into helping me become a better athlete and better golfer. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. I accomplished one of my biggest goals this year in winning the individual 5A State Championship as a freshman! You’ve helped me increase my distance by 30+ yards on my drives and I’m now nailing it past all the girls who used to hit it longer than me! My swing feels so good and fast now! And I’m so much more stronger and in better control of my body during my swing thanks to you and our workout sessions. I also have more stamina and energy on the golf course now and I don’t get tired or fatigued during rounds. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish the rest of my high school career and beyond! I’m excited! Thank you so much for everything!!”

Mika Ramos, Elite junior golfer & current 5A State Champion as freshman - Bishop Kelley, Tulsa, OK

“It’s great training with Clint and having him help me with my golf fitness as well as my overall fitness goals. His program and facility is phenomenal and the results I’ve gotten have been excellent. His knowledge and experience is renowned and he gets great results with his clients. I highly recommend Clint and his training program to anyone who wants to improve their fitness, specific to their golf game, as well as any other health & fitness goals.”

Cary Cozby, Former college golfer at Univ of Oklahoma, Director of Golf- Southern Hills Country Club

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