No doubt you have heard the expression “He makes it looks so easy!” 
Whether it’s shooting a 3 point shot in basketball, serving a tennis ball or swinging a golf club, there are people who really do make sports look easy. 

So I have a question for you… Do you consider golf an “easy” sport?   

Of course not. 

In fact, like the ad on TV says, it’s been called “the unbeatable sport”. A very intimidating statement. 

You prove just how tough golf is every time you go out for a round. 
  • How can you hit the ball so purely on one hole…
  • …put it exactly where you want it…
  • ...have that perfect ‘photo op’ finish… 
  • and then slice the next shot into the woods?
Where was the breakdown? At times the mistake is glaringly obvious and other times it’s hard to say. 

Whatever the reasons, there are a LOT of factors that go into a solid round of golf…almost too many to list. 

So where do you start? 
Let’s start by taking a look at the things you CAN control.
And the starting point is as close as the Golf Channel. (Yes, I’m a bit of a golf geek. Sometimes I have the Golf Channel on at our training studio, even when there isn’t a tournament on… just to keep up with the world of golf!)

Look at the ‘new breed’ of golfers crushing the ball on courses all around the world. 

Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, Jason Day, Rickie Fowler…. 

These guys look a lot different than golfers a generation ago. They hit the ball further and look fit and lean while doing it. 
Modern era golfers have made physical preparation and working out a ‘given’.   They have removed physical limitations as a possible obstacle to success. 
Gone are the days where players could be seen on the course smoking a cigarette while they walked up the fairway...

This allows them to concentrate 100% of their energy on game knowledge and technical skills.   

But, let’s face it, you probably don’t have six to eight hours each and every day to dedicate to golf.   

You need to make the best use of those precious hours you dedicate to golf. 

So… exactly what is it you can control? 

Studies show the typical amateur golfer has trouble with one or more the following: 
  • Poor postural issues
  • Inability to separate the upper and lower body
  • Inadequate core stability
  • Lack of shoulder and hip flexibility, mobility, and/or stability
  • Lack of thoracic spine mobility
  • Lack of glute and/or abdominal strength
  • Poor overall strength and conditioning
Address these issues and you address – and improve – your entire game.
Whether you realize it or not, you are more familiar with each of these problems than you know.

What do I mean? Let me show you. 

We all know golf is full of ‘colorful’ expressions…some more colorful than others, but we won’t get into those here… 

However, have you heard these before from that not-so-helpful golf partner who thinks you need his or her coaching every time you hit a bad shot? 
These ‘helpful’ expressions go on and on…

As annoying as this (usually unwanted) help may be, in my world, I know EXACTLY what they mean! 
However, I MUST point out; teaching you HOW to golf is not my job.   Helping you control all these physical factors IS my job.
And frankly…I do it better than most…

The reality is you probably aren’t looking to make a living playing golf but you enjoy the hell out of it and being consistent out there makes things a lot more fun….and let’s face it, golf is important to you. 
While I’m not the guy who will examine every minute detail of your swing allowing you to put a draw on the ball on that tough par 5 whenever you need to, I AM the guy who can help you get there in two…
  • How would it impact your game if you could change any of the physical limitations above?
  • What if you didn’t have to worry about fatigue hurting your ball-striking on a hot summer day during those last few holes? 
  • What if you had complete confidence in your lower back and core to handle a full swing from an awkward stance, half in and half out of a fairway bunker? 
  • What if you knew you could crank your hips all the way through your tee shot when that wide open fairway is calling your name? 
While this program is about you, it’s important to know who is putting your program together. You invest your valuable time and money into getting better at this game… 

It’s good to know you will be working with the most experienced and well-known golf fitness expert in the region. Those details are reassuring when you invest. 

NOTE: See my full bio and Success Stories…. 

With the attention I provide each client and the individual nature of your needs, I have limited time slots available for my golf fitness program. 
  • Includes a full TPI golf movement & performance screen.
  • Golf fitness evaluation & power testing 
  • 3 golf-specific customized private personal training sessions with Clint Howard
  • Customized pre-round warm-up routine 
  • On the Course Nutrition Guide, 
  • Golf fitness t-shirt and other swag...
  • ...all for $397 ($700 value)
I’m looking to fill our few remaining spots with serious golfers with the desire to get the most out of their game. 

Start Today! Space Is Extremely Limited* 
Includes a full TPI golf movement & performance screen and golf fitness evaluation & power testing, 3 golf-specific customized private personal training sessions with Clint Howard, customized pre-round warm-up routine, On the Course Nutrition Guide, golf fitness t-shirt and other swag, all for $397 ($700 value)

We operate with what I call an “Expectation of Success”…   And here is what you can expect from this program: 
Our golf-specific exercise program will incorporate:
  • TPI Golf Fitness Screen and Evaluation every other month
  • Flexibility and mobility training
  • Power and strength training
  • Balance and stability training
  • Core strength training
  • Proper cardiovascular conditioning for golfers
  • Special Nutrition Report- “What to Eat to Play Your Best”
As a result, you will learn the fitness secrets that are
GUARANTEED to improve your game!
We operate with what I call an “Expectation of Success”…   And here is what you can expect from this program: 
  • Drop strokes off your score
  • Develop laser-like precision
  • Generate much higher club head speed
  • Add 15-40 yards to your drives
  • Increase your energy and stamina
  • Minimize & even eliminate your risk of injury
So how can you reserve your spot in our Golf Fitness Systems program?

Simply call me today and we can arrange your personal Consultation and Golf Fitness Screening & Evaluation. 
Upon completion of the Consultation and Screening/Evaluation, we will decide together what your next steps are and which of our training/workout programs best fits your needs. 

Includes a full TPI golf movement & performance screen.

Golf fitness evaluation & power testing

3 golf-specific customized private personal training sessions with Clint Howard

Customized pre-round warm-up routine

On the Course Nutrition Guide,

Golf fitness t-shirt and other swag...

...all for $397 ($700 value

I am certain you’ll see tremendous value and be excited to get started working together right away!  

Here is what a few of my clients have to say… 
Bo Van Pelt - Former Oklahoma State college golfer, current PGA Tour Pro
“It’s great having Clint here in Tulsa where I live to train me when I’m in town during the PGA season and through the off-season. He definitely knows his stuff and has helped me and my game tremendously in many areas. I’ve now had my best 4 seasons on Tour after committing to my golf-specific training program with Clint.”
Chris Worrell - Former University of Tulsa college golfer, current PGA Tour Canada
“What does it take to get the next level? How am I going to shave a shot or two off of my rounds? The last place I thought to look was at my body! Working with Clint and his golf fitness program has helped change what I thought being in “golf shape” was. I now know what it’s like to truly feel in control of my body and my swing. Our workouts have helped my swing get faster and more explosive without any strain on my body. Every exercise we do serves a purpose. I’ve made so much progress from our training- I’m more balanced, have more energy, stronger and more powerful, and I’m seeing great results on the golf course!!”
Cary Cozby - Former college golfer at Univ of Oklahoma, Director of Golf - Southern Hills Country Club
“It’s great training with Clint and having him help me with my golf fitness as well as my overall fitness goals. His program and facility is phenomenal and the results I’ve gotten have been excellent. His knowledge and experience is renowned and he gets great results with his clients. I highly recommend Clint and his training program to anyone who wants to improve their fitness, specific to their golf game, as well as any other health & fitness goals.”
I look forward to helping you and your game .  Committed to your health, 
I believe in this program so much, I want to remove any doubts you may have. If you are not 100% satisfied with my program and don’t believe it is worth every penny, I don’t want your money. 

You read that correctly.

If you don’t believe you are 100% ‘golf ready’ – I will refund 100% of your investment.  You have absolutely no risk… 

Fair enough?
Clint Howard

PPS – Your results are guaranteed, the program is proven, your investment is protected…and your game is waiting.
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