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Bo Van Pelt
Bo Van PeltFormer Oklahoma State college golfer, current PGA Tour Pro
“It’s great having Clint here in Tulsa where I live to train me when I’m in town during the PGA season and through the off-season. He definitely knows his stuff and has helped me and my game tremendously in many areas. I’ve now had my best 4 seasons on Tour after committing to my golf-specific training program with Clint.”
Cary Cozby
Cary CozbyFormer college golfer at Univ of Oklahoma, Director of Golf - Southern Hills Country Club
“It’s great training with Clint and having him help me with my golf fitness as well as my overall fitness goals. His program and facility is phenomenal and the results I’ve gotten have been excellent. His knowledge and experience is renowned and he gets great results with his clients. I highly recommend Clint and his training program to anyone who wants to improve their fitness, specific to their golf game, as well as any other health & fitness goals.”
Tracy Phillips
Tracy PhillipsFormer Oklahoma State and Professional golfer, Director of Instruction - Cedar Ridge Country Club and Flying Tee
“It’s great to have Clint here in Tulsa for me to refer my students to for golf-specific training. Clint has strong background and knowledge of golf fitness. And with all the TPI certifications he has and that he even works for TPI teaching their golf fitness workshops, and with all the golfers he works with- I feel very confident in referring my students to him. I enjoy also going to Clint as well for my own fitness goals. Clint and I have worked with a lot of the same students over the years and he works very well with the golf/teaching professional as a team to help get the golfer the best results possible. He gets incredible results with all the golfers he trains and is so great to work with.”
Alan Bratton/Courtney Jones/Par Nilsson
Alan Bratton/Courtney Jones/Par NilssonCurrent coaches- Oklahoma State University Men's & Women's Golf Teams
“We’re very fortunate here at Oklahoma State to have the opportunity of having Clint come over from Tulsa and help us with our golf teams. We take our golf program very serious and we’re always looking for ways to continue getting better and stay on the cutting edge to help us compete at the highest level and win. Clint came highly recommended from Greg Rose and all the guys at TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) as well as Bo Van Pelt who works with Clint, and several other former and current Oklahoma State golfers. Clint implemented a complete golf fitness screening & assessment and strength/power testing program with both our men’s and women’s golf teams as well as design our workout/weightlifting program to do with our teams. It’s been phenomenal and our players are all excited to be doing a truly golf-specific training program to help us stay healthy and get better on the golf course. We’re already seeing great results from Clint’s help and we’re looking forward to continuing to work together and implementing his assessment and training system.”
Katie-Lee Wilson
Katie-Lee Wilson2x HS State Champion Rejoice Christian-Owasso, National Champion & All-American at Oklahoma City University
“I started working with Clint after my swing coach, Tracy Philips, recommended him to me. My golf game had always lacked strength and power and I wanted to develop a workout routine that would benefit my game. Clint’s training and encouragement made me proud of the improvements I was making and made it fun as well! He helped me gain lean muscle, get more toned, and overall feel great! On the course, I noticed a lot more power in my swing, my shots go higher and stay in the air longer!! And now I feel just overall better and more loose on the golf course than I used to. Clint has now given me a lot more encouragement in my golf game and I’m excited to continue working hard, gaining more power and strength. I am thankful for Clint’s time, encouragement, and for pushing me hard. I wish I would have started training with him sooner! He’s the best!”
Jim Ransbottom
Jim RansbottomPresident- PF Unlimited, long-time avid golfer
“I suffered from chronic problems with muscle spasms in my back that required visits to a doctor for back manipulations every 8 week. There were many times I couldn’t play golf for months at a time. 7 years ago I found Clint Howard and Tulsa Fitness Systems/Golf Fitness Systems and I’m happy to say I’ve only been back to the doctor’s office once in these past 7 years since starting his fitness program! My back health alone has made Clint’s program a blessing, and getting healthy, strong and in great shape, feeling good, and having fun doing it, has been a terrific bonus! From a golfing standpoint, I’ve played golf with the same group of guys for 30 years and they now complain regularly about how much farther now I hit my tee ball past them- Gotta love that!! And as luck or strength would have it, I have 2 Hole-In-One’s since finding Clint and his Golf Fitness Systems program. WooHoo!!”
Maggie Roller
Maggie RollerFormer Univ of Tulsa golfer, LPGA Class A Teaching Pro, Director of Golf Instruction - Cedar Ridge Country Club
“Clint’s training has helped all of us (James, Jenni, and myself) get much more length off the tee, atleast 15-20 more yards. We’ve gotten more flexible, more power and stamina- especially when rounds leak into 5 hours. More energy now during rounds, especially in the heat. James and Jenni play a lot of top junior tournaments around the state and the surrounding states- their ability to perform at a high level is due a lot to their fitness level from working out in Clint’s program. And my kids really enjoy it! Myself as a golf teacher have personally learned so much from Clint and his knowledge! Clint has been a tremendous asset in helping me help my students improve their golf games by working on strength, flexibility, core, power, glute power, and so much more! I refer all my students to Clint for golf-specific training and workouts. They help so much, and he’s the best!”
Megan Blonien
Megan Blonien4x HS State Champion- Altus, OK, college golfer at Oklahoma State & currently at Florida Gulf Coast University
“Your workouts have been amazing in helping me get so much stronger, more balanced, faster, and more explosive which all have helped me in improving my golf game in all areas. I love your workouts and how you explain why we’re doing them and exactly how to do the, and how they will improve my game! Everything make sense and has me motivated to keep it up and continue getting better! Thank you so much Clint for your golf fitness screen/assessments and all your awesome workouts, and your encouragement and motivation. You’ve helped me so much!”
Brendon Jelley
Brendon JelleyElite junior golfer, current Oklahoma State college golfer
“Clint your golf fitness program has helped me tremendously- from when we first started working together when I was in the 7th grade at Jenks until now, living out my dream playing college golf for Oklahoma State University. Your program has helped improve my golf game in many ways, including major increase in my driving distance, so much stronger, more flexible, faster, better balance and posture, which all play a huge part in my golf swing. You’ve helped me take my game to a whole new level of competition and helped me win so many big events and tournaments over these past several years! Thanks again for helping me get to a whole new level of golf. I really appreciate it and look forward to continuing working with you as I keep working to take my game to the professional level!”
Kailey Collier
Kailey CollierCurrent Univ of Houston college golfer
As far as golf goes, I’m now better able to feel my body and how it should be moving, where before it was kind of just a guess. This has allowed me to gain consistency and accuracy as when I hit a bad shot I can diagnose it more easily. Clint’s training has also given me the mental focus and confidence to maintain my composure even when I hit a bad shot on the course because I know I now have the strength to recover. I also have an edge over everyone around me because I don’t get tired during the round like I did before. It’s funny because I could feel that I had a different, more confident mindset on the course, but our team has a mental coach that comes to talk to us and the first thing he said when we sat down for our individual meeting was, “Kailey, you look different. Watching you the last couple of days, I can really tell that you’ve grown as a person. You now look strong and confident- you look like an athlete!” It made me realize that I actually feel like an athlete now! I really appreciate all that you’ve done for me and your support and accountability! You’ve truly helped me transform my body and my golf game!”
Emilee Klein
Emilee KleinFormer college golfer Arizona State University and LPGA Professional Golfer, current Head Women's Golf Coach Univ of Tulsa
“Golf-specific workouts and training is a huge part of college golf nowadays and we’re very blessed to have Clint Howard here to train and work with our TU girls team. He trains professional PGA Tour players and has created the training / workout programs for other high level college golf programs so he has the experience and knowledge. It’s been great for us! Our girls are loving it and getting such great results from his training, which is showing up on the course!”
Steve Clement
Steve ClementWorld Long Drive Competitor/golfer
“I started training with Clint hoping to increase my fitness level in order to be more competitive in the ReMax World Long Drive Competitions. I’d been involved in the sport for a couple of years in the Legends Division (60 and over). With Clint’s training and help, over the next 3 years I was able to earn two 2nd place finishes and a 4th place at the ReMax World Long Drive Championships! So Clint obviously helped my golf swing create a lot more speed and power and gave me a bunch more added distance to my drives! I really enjoy the workouts with Clint and I know they are a major part of my success in the World Long Drive Competitions. And with Clint’s help I also lost over 20 pounds and reduced my body fat from 25% now down to a lean 12%! Thank you Clint for all you’ve done for me!”
Curt Howard
Curt HowardFormer Univ of Oklahoma college golfer, competitive amateur golfer
“Playing golf my whole life and as a nationally ranked golfer, I wanted to get to even higher levels in my game but didn’t know what to do. After hearing about Clint Howard and him training Bo Van Pelt and the success Bo was having on tour, I decided to give Clint a try. To say that I’m pleased with my results would be a dramatic understatement. Through his help and guidance my distance and ball control have bypassed what I was able to do years ago when I played college golf and in my 20’s! My strength and stamina is now out of this world and the results have been several major victories against much younger competition, along with 2 other incredible wins in very prestigious tournaments. When you’re 50 years old and you’re outdriving 20 and 30 year old kids it’s a head rush to say the least! Thanks Clint for working with me, encouraging me, and pushing me to be better and showing me how! The results speak for themselves and I’m very proud to have you as my trainer.”
Missy Long
Missy LongAvid Golfer
“As I’ve gotten older I had noticed I didn’t have the balance, strength, or flexibility I used to have & thought that was just another thing I had to accept with aging. But with Clint’s program and his training- my balance, flexibility & strength have all improved considerably which helps in all of my activities, most evidently in my golf game! I’ve gained 25 yards not just with my driver but with my long & mid irons too!! I now feel so much stronger & my swing is now so much more stable. I love working out with Clint! And besides it helping my golf game, the bonus is it makes my body look good too! Thanks Clint!”
Suzie Fisher
Suzie FisherFormer Univ of Tulsa golfer, Director of Golf Instruction- The Golf Club of Oklahoma, LPGA CLASS A Teaching Pro
“Clint and his program has helped my golf game in many ways. The biggest change I have seen is an increase in core strength, power, and stability. I am able to do things in my golf swing now that I was never able to accomplish before. My posture and hip rotation has improved so much that I’m able to swing the club more efficiently now and have gained up to 20 more yards with my clubs! I feel very confident in Clint’s ability to help golfers improve their game and I refer my students to him for golf fitness training. Thanks Clint!”
Jill Johnson
Jill JohnsonCompetitive amateur golfer, multiple time Club Champion- Southern Hills Country Club
“Clint your workouts are amazing! You’ve helped me get so much stronger and more stable and build so much more speed and power in my swing! I’m bombing it now at least 15-20+ yards farther since I’ve started working out with you! My husband and all the guys I play with are jealous because I’m hitting it past them! I love how everything we do in our workout sessions has a purpose and it’s helped my game tremendously! I like to compete at a high level and you’re training is definitely helping me do that! Thank you so much!”
Mika Ramos
Mika RamosElite junior golfer & current 5A State Champion as freshman- Bishop Kelley, Tulsa, OK
“Thank you Clint for all the hard work you put into helping me become a better athlete and better golfer. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. I accomplished one of my biggest goals this year in winning the individual 5A State Championship as a freshman! You’ve helped me increase my distance by 30+ yards on my drives and I’m now nailing it past all the girls who used to hit it longer than me! My swing feels so good and fast now! And I’m so much more stronger and in better control of my body during my swing thanks to you and our workout sessions. I also have more stamina and energy on the golf course now and I don’t get tired or fatigued during rounds. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish the rest of my high school career and beyond! I’m excited! Thank you so much for everything!!”
Teresa DeLarzelere
Teresa DeLarzelereFormer Univ of Tulsa & LPGA Professional golfer
“Clint has helped me get so much stronger. I’m now hitting my drives at least 20 yards further since I started working out with Clint! I’ve also lost over 30 pounds and gotten much leaner and more fit! I have a lot more energy than I used to and I now can walk 18 holes instead of having to ride in a cart. I appreciate you Clint and your dedication and encouragement in helping me improve my golf game and my health!”
Greta Bruner
Greta BrunerFormer Univ of Tulsa college golfer & currently playing for Texas Christian University
“Clint thank you so much for an awesome year! I learned so much from you and your training sessions and you really taught me how important the fitness aspect is for my golf game. Your program has given me a tremendous boost now that I’m working out and doing it the right way and building some muscle and getting stronger! You’ve helped me hit the ball so much more solid this year and I’m swinging a lot faster and hitting it a lot farther! Your training played a big part in me having a great freshman season at TU and finishing strong and winning the individual 1st Place at the Dale McNamara Invitational. I’ll keep working hard and you being my trainer on the LPGA Tour would be my dream!”
Chris Worrell
Chris WorrellFormer University of Tulsa college golfer, current PGA Tour Canada
“What does it take to get the next level? How am I going to shave a shot or two off of my rounds? The last place I thought to look was at my body! Working with Clint and his golf fitness program has helped change what I thought being in “golf shape” was. I now know what it’s like to truly feel in control of my body and my swing. Our workouts have helped my swing get faster and more explosive without any strain on my body. Every exercise we do serves a purpose. I’ve made so much progress from our training- I’m more balanced, have more energy, stronger and more powerful, and I’m seeing great results on the golf course!!”
Taylor Towers
Taylor TowersElite junior golfer & current 3A State Champion- Rejoice Christian, Owasso, OK
“I’ve been going to Clint for training at Tulsa Fitness Systems/Golf Fitness Systems for 4 years now. When I started with him I had swing faults due to physical problems, Clint’s golf fitness screening and assessments along with his training program has helped me correct my swing faults by gaining more flexibility, stability, mobility and strength. I’ve gained lean muscle and lowered my body fat percentage, and have a big increase in distance with my clubs! Clint has also taught me the importance of eating properly and maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. I have won multiple times on the Oklahoma Junior golf tour, I got 2nd Place in the state championship as a freshman and I won the state championship as a sophomore- I couldn’t have accomplished all of this without Clint’s guidance, his training, and all of his help. Thank you so much! I’m excited to have the opportunity to continue my success at the college level and hopefully beyond, and having you to help me get there!”
Colton Staggs
Colton StaggsHS State Champion Jenks, OK, college golfer at Oklahoma State & Univ of Tulsa
“I love that your training is so specialized towards golf-specific workouts and all your knowledge of anatomy and muscles and the golf body connection. Your workouts are so customized towards the individual golfers needs and personally have helped me a ton! I’m looking forward to continuing working with you to help take my game to the next level. Thank you”
Faith Belmear
Faith BelmearMultiple State Champion- Owasso & Tulsa Golf Athlete of the Year, committed to Missouri State University College Golf Team
“Since starting to train with Clint I’ve seen great improvements in my strength, flexibility and a big increase in my distance hitting the ball! Overall I feel so much better and the training and workouts are definitely helping my golf game! Thank you so much for all your help!”
Kayla Reidi
Kayla ReidiFormer college golfer Univ of Tulsa, current LPGA Professional Golfer
“Thank you so much Clint for all you’ve done for me in helping me during my college career and getting the opportunity to continue and play at the Professional level. Your golf fitness assessments, screenings, and workouts have helped me make so much improvements in my body and on the golf course. I’ve gotten so much stronger, more flexible, powerful, and having more stamina an energy to get through tournaments- all have played a huge part in my success and allowing me to get to the next level.”
Kate Goodwin
Kate GoodwinHS State Champion- Riverfield Day School, Tulsa, OK, current college golfer at Oklahoma Christian Univ
“Your workouts have been awesome in helping me get my body in better shape and get stronger and more fit, which has helped me a lot with my golf game and the success I’ve had. I love your workout sessions and I feel so much more confident now in myself and my golf game thanks to you! I really appreciate all you do and the results you’ve helped me achieve with my fitness and in my golf career!”



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